We visually inspect data and perform statistical analyses. We compare results to Rosenthal Consulting’s internal knowledge base and other sources. Finally, we explain our results to you.
Analyze Ico

Our goal is to help you use your data to solve critical business problems. Through in-depth interviews, we learn from your experience and listen to your ideas. We visually inspect your datasets to find meaningful patterns and relationships. Statistical modeling takes this analysis a step further, enabling us to dig deeper into the data. We compare our results to findings based on client discussions, our own industry knowledge, and relevant information we gather through our audits of news stories, trade publications, and academic journals. Finally, interpretation and explanation of results is critically important, and after each project we deliver a thorough, written review of all our findings.

CLIENT INTERVIEWS Understand how client’s data can be best used to solve problems
Visual data review Look at data across all dimensions to better understand client’s business
Build statistical models Determine relationships among data, and a structure to exploit these relationships
Comparison Compare our findings to expectations, company knowledge, and industry expertise
Interpretation & explanation Justify modeling assumptions and
explain findings